‘Eat Out and Win’ Contest

Eat Out to Support our Local Restaurant Sector and You Could Win!

With new restrictions prohibiting indoor dining until April 19, our local restaurants need your support through take-out, delivery and patio dining. And the Burnaby Board of Trade is going to make it even tastier to eat local!

Every time you support a BBOT member restaurant, cafe or brewery between April 1 and April 19 — whether by ordering delivery or take-out, dining on a patio, or even buying a gift card —  you’ll have a chance to have the Burnaby Board of Trade pay your bill for you!  With 30 members from all types of cuisines dotted throughout the city and the region, it’s easy to participate!

Each time you eat out during the contest window, you can submit your receipt to admin@bbot.ca for a chance to have the Burnaby Board of Trade pay it for you (up to $100)!   On April 20, 5 lucky winners will be chosen at random and the Burnaby Board of Trade will reimburse them for the amount of their receipt!

During the restaurant restrictions, help us support local businesses by eating local — and have a chance to let us Pay Your Bill!

How Does it Work?

  • Make a purchase at a Burnaby Board of Trade member restaurant, cafe, or brewery between Thursday, April 1 and and Monday, April 19
  • Submit a scan, snap, or copy of your receipt to admin@bbot.ca by 11:59am on April 19 to enter
  • On April 20, five submitted receipts will be drawn at random and the Burnaby Board of Trade will pay the submitting party the amount of the receipt, up to $100

The Rules

  • To be eligible, the receipt must be:
    • Legible and readable
    • Be issued from a Burnaby Board of Trade member restaurant/cafe (see the list)
    • Dated between Thursday, April 1, 2021 and Monday, April 19, 2021
    • Submitted by email to admin@bbot.ca 
  • Participants do not need to live in Burnaby but must be 19 years or older to enter
  • Participants can enter more than once but each submission must contain one unique receipt which meets the above criteria
  • Winning participants will receive reimbursement for the full amount of their receipt (up to $100) or for $100 (if the receipt is valued at more than $100).  The reimbursement will be issued by cheque in CAD currency and will be payable within 30 days of the end of the contest.