Does your business need digital or tech support? Connect with BCIT Techies of Tomorrow to grow your business


BCIT D3 incubator (Techies of Tomorrow)

Sponsored and funded for the 2021 practicum period by BCIT School of Business and Media, BCIT D3 Incubator (Techies Of Tomorrow) aims to support and grow BC businesses and industries by building digital technology business solutions and assets with diverse represented local talents. We are a team of trained graduates and senior students who are mentored and led by industry experts and BCIT faculty. Please visit our website at
for more detail about our mission, the team, and past projects.

Techies of Tomorrow would like to offer businesses and members of the Burnaby Board of Trade a variety of digital and technology solutions categorized in 2 packages:

Package A – Design and Development of Technology solution and consultation for Businesses

The following services will suit businesses and organizations that require a proper technology business solution to improve their operations, administrations, marketing, etc. Techies of Tomorrow would like to hear what pain points businesses have so that we could provide the right solution for it. No matter which options the businesses choose, Techies Team will be able to offer them Product research, UI/UX, Asset/Graphic Design, Front-end and back-end Development, System Admin and Server implementations, and Database Development.

1. Custom Digital Business Digital Solutions, Platform, and/or Features
Designing and Developing a custom digital solution/platform for the business to
– operate more efficiently and effectively
– visualize and optimize data using inhouse portals
– outreach with customer portals
– expand/grow the business by preparing a digital platform
– mitigate and streamline admin work/errors
– Implement new business features

2. Improvement or Maintenance Of Existing Solution
– Provide support to current digital business solutions
– Improvements on existing digital assets
– Upgrade existing solutions
– Create extensions and features on top of the existing solution
– Modify and implement a more secure and/or cost-effective solution

3. Consultation to Existing Business’s Pain Points to Explore Potential Solutions
– Provide consultation to address existing pain points
– Understand and identify the issues and challenges that stall businesses
– Explore different digital solutions
– Explore and dissect available technologies that could improve operations
– Provide timeline and milestones estimates
– Provide possibilities within business budgets

Package B – In-House digital expert (Only Available from March 29th, 2021, for 8 weeks)
Alternatively, businesses can find the intern they are looking for from the student roster to work
as an in-house intern to provide one or more of the following services:
– Digital Design
– Graphics and asset design
– Web design
– Web Development

Businesses interested in pursuing any of these options, could contact us via email:
Henry Leung:
Ramin Shadmehr: