December 22 – Further COVID Restrictions Come Into Force

December 21 – Today, the provincial government announced further restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic which further limit several businesses and events. These are in addition to the restrictions on events and gatherings announced on December 17.

The provincial government as assured the Burnaby Board of Trade that financial supports will be forthcoming for those businesses closed by the provincial health orders. The BBOT will provide further info as soon as it is made available.

Read below for a summary of these changes or visit the government site for full details. 
.Restrictions on Businesses, Events and Social Gatherings
  • Organized Events at Hotels, Restaurants and Banquet Halls  
    • Organized events at Hotels, Restaurants and Banquet Halls are restricted as to the capacity, style and setup that is allowed, as of 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 22 and must be cancelled (until January 18)
  • Indoor Social Gatherings at Personal Residences
    • Limited to the residents of the household hosting the gathering, plus 10 people or one additional household. All people must be fully vaccinated. (until January 31)
  • Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes 
    • No organized events as noted above (until January 18)
    • Limit of 6 people per table (until January 18)
    • Re-establish spacing between tables and/or installing physical dividers  (until January 18)
    • Mingling and moving between tables at restaurants is once again prohibited (until January 31)
    • Seated, table-service on New Year’s Eve will be allowed – no mingling or dancing.
  • Bars and Nightclubs
    • Are to be closed as of 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 22 until January 18
    • This does not include tasting rooms or pubs.
  • Gyms, Fitness Studios, Yoga Studios, Dance Studios
    • All indoor fitness businesses and settings are to be closed as of 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 22 until January 18.
    • Online or indoor operations are allowed.
  • Theatres, Musical Venues, and Sporting Events
    • These venues, regardless of size, must operate at 50% capacity (until January 18)
  • Casinos
    • These businesses must operate at 50% capacity (until January 18)
  • Sports Tournament
    • All sports tournaments are being paused and cannot be held. (until January 31)
  • Retail
    • Retail stores are to have safety plans in place for Boxing Day sales to limit spread of the virus and to operate safely. See WorkSafeBC >.

COVID-19 Resources and Supports
As the pandemic continues to unfold, the Burnaby Board of Trade is working to provide resources, guidance and best practices to help our members. Check our COVID-19 Resource Page for the latest information. Read more >