Consultation – Registration of Tax Preparers Program (RTPP)

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is currently proposing a Registration of Tax Preparers Program (RTPP) which would require all individuals and businesses which prepare tax returns for a fee to register with the government. There would be no cost to register, and registered tax-preparers would receive a unique identification number which will be used to link them to each tax return they complete.

The RTPP proposes to register tax preparers so that the CRA can better identify their returns and address any common or recurring errors with them before tax returns are officially filed. The CRA believes this will reduce red tape by helping tax preparers improve the accuracy and completeness of their clients’ returns. And where returns are filed accurately, fewer interactions with the CRA will be required of your clients.

This requirement to register under the RTPP would apply to all tax preparers that prepare T1 and T2 tax returns for either individuals or corporations for a fee. These individuals would generally be either accountants who prepare income tax returns for a fee and who belong to a provincially regulated body; or employees of businesses that offer income tax preparation services for a fee.

The CRA is undertaking consultations on the proposed RTPP to better understand its implications for the tax preparer community. The CRA invites comments from all stakeholders, particularly individuals who are tax preparers. The consultation process will conclude on May 31, 2014. Following analysis of the results, systems changes and possible legislative changes, a program could launch during the 2016-2017 fiscal year.

If you are interested in providing your feedback, the CRA is accepting comments via online submission or written submissions. Click here to access the online submission form or forward written submissions to:

Registration of Tax Preparers Program Consultations
Canada Revenue Agency
Place de Ville
806-8th Floor, Tower B
112 Kent Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0L5

If you would like more information on this proposed program, you can find information on the government website for the program and on this Q&A webpage.