The Canadian Chamber of Commerce- Only the Smart Survive: How Canada Can Remain Competitive in Manufacturing

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has released a new report, entitled “Only the Smart Survive: How Canada Can Remain Competitive in Manufacturing”.

The major issue addressed in the report is how Canada, a country that has every resource it needs to be successful in the manufacturing industry, is still falling behind in terms of global competitiveness due to reasons such as not embracing new technology and measuring success in a limited way. The report focuses on how the future of Canada’s manufacturing sector will rely heavily on the industry’s ability to make a pivotal shift in its structure. The report highlights how moving away from the traditional model of manufacturing through the use of technology and innovation will be essential to working towards reigniting this industry’s performance and enabling it to reach its full potential as we have seen it do in the past.

The report argues that there is still time for Canada to position itself as a leader in the manufacturing sector, however, it will take bold actions and a strong commitment to reshaping the way the industry works for this to be realized.

The report also includes some recommendations for the government to consider.

Read the full report here.