Empowering Employees – From Spending Time to Investing Time (a Traction on Demand company) platform captures real-time, context-sensitive sentiment — putting the power of identity and mental wellness in the hands of your people, and empowering them to make every day bettr than their last. is about investing in employees’ mental health. In our post COVID world, we have lost our basic “check- ins ” through body language. We are now working with new functions, new ways of doing our work differently, all of which drive stress and anxiety.

By capturing and aggregating context-sensitive sentiment in real-time, bettr enables people leaders to assign the right teams to the right projects – ensuring individuals are engaged, thriving and bringing their bettr-selves to their workday. This also empowers employees by providing them data for their own journey of self actualization.

There is a direct integration with O365, Google, and Slack, to enable employees to log sentiment where they work: whether you are calendar driven, or simply through a chrome browser.   No apps.  No surveys. This is a low technology lift for any size of company, and industry. is a Traction on Demand Company, based in Burnaby, BC.

The Offer to Members of BBOT:

No charge for the first 90 days. We want to help you through this transition period with COVID, and give what we are good at: technology. We would love to get your feedback through the first 90 days with this pilot, and help mold the future of the product.


Get in touch with us through our website and we will walk you through a demo on how we can make you even bettr by empowering employee mental health!