BC’s Restart Plan – Phase 3 Announced

COVID-19 Updates & Resources

The Government of BC has released BC’s Restart Plan, guidelines on the re-opening of the economy and the repeal of certain COVID-19 restrictions.  Read below for the highlights of the re-opening plan and the timeline for repealing restrictions.

BC’s Framework for Re-Opening and Repealing COVID Restrictions – Current Phase:  3

  • Phase 1 (click for more info)
    • Essential businesses encouraged to remain open, and non-essential businesses allowed to remain open if with a safe operations plan and not subject to specific closure orders
  • Phase 2 (click for more info)
    • This phase of repealing COVID restrictions allowed for
      • small social gatherings;
      • a resumption of elective surgeries and regulated health services like physiotherapy, dentistry, chiropractors and in-person counselling;
      • provincial parks open for day use;
      • opening more non-essential businesses in keeping with safe operations plans such as:
        • restaurants, hair salons, pubs, dentists, counselors, chiropractors, physiotherapists
        • sectors ordered closed will have to have approved re-opening plans
        • sectors not ordered closed can continue to open provided they operate safely as per the below guidelines
  • Phase 3 (click for more info)
    • We are currently in Phase 3
    • This next phase allows for more regular operations, in accordance to safe operating protocols of:
      • Film/TV productions
      • Hotels/Resorts
      • Movie theatres and performing arts centres
      • Children’s Day Camps
      • Sports and Recreation including pools and ice rinks
    • Phase 3 also allows for travel throughout BC for local residents
      • While travelling throughout the province, individuals are required to still practice safe COVID-19 measures including:
        • pre-trip planning and research on available resources at arriving destination;
        • respecting any local travel advisories to isolated and remote communities;
        • no travelling for anyone who is sick, and if symptoms develop while travelling – self isolate immediately and contact 811 for guidance and testing;
        • practising safe physical distancing of two metres at all times;
        • spending time in small groups and open spaces; and
        • practising good hygiene, including frequent handwashing and cleaning.
  • Phase 4
    • Target date:  Not until widespread vaccine use, broad community immunity, or effective COVID-19 treatments are in place
      • This phase will then allow for the resumption of concerts, large public gatherings, and conventions