BC’s COVID-19 Immunization Plan


BC’s 4-phase COVID-19 Immunization Plan is currently underway.

Vaccination and immunization is critical to our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic — we need a robust vaccination roll-out by government and an eager uptake and participation by residents.

For the latest on the COVID-19 Immunization Plan click here to visit the government’s site. 

For comprehensive details on vaccines, how they work, and why they are critical health tools, visit this site from BBOT Board Partner Pacific Blue Cross

 Immunization Plan Key Points:

Immunization Phases

  • BC’s Immunization Plan has four phases. Click this link to read about the status of each phase.
    • Phase 1 – Highest Risk  (Long-Term Care Residents & Staff, Health Care Workers, Remote Indigenous Communities and more)
      • Timeline: December 2020 to February 2021
      • Status:  Complete
    • Phase 2 – Seniors and Indigenous Peoples with rolling age eligibilities  
      • Timeline: February to April 2021
      • Status:  Complete
    • Phase 3 – People aged 79 to 60, Indigenous Peoples, and Those Medically At-Risk
      • Timeline: April to May 2021
      • Status: Complete
    • Phase 4 – General Population Over Age 18
      • Timeline: May to June 2021
      • Status:  Current