BC Vaccine Card — Proof of Vaccination Requirements for Select BC Businesses, Events, Venues


As of Monday, September 13, all customers aged 12 and older will be required to have a single dose of an approved vaccine to be permitted entry to select businesses, venues or events, and by October 24, all customers will be required to be fully vaccinated – meaning 7 days after their second dose of a vaccine within the Lower Mainland.

We expect this requirement to be in place until at least January 31, 2022.

For full information, visit the BC Government site here. 

Who Does This Impact

The BC Vaccine Card applies to customers and not employees.

The businesses, events and venues for which this new requirement will apply are:

  • Indoor ticketed sporting events
  • Indoor concerts, theatre, dance and symphony events
  • Licensed restaurants and restaurants that offer table service (indoor and patio dining)
  • Pubs, bars and lounges (indoor and patio dining)
  • Nightclubs, casinos and movie theatres
  • Gyms, exercise facilities/studios, pools and recreation facilities
  • Businesses offering indoor group exercise
  • Indoor adult group and team sports for people 22 years old or older
  • Indoor organized events with 50 or more people. For example: Wedding receptions, organized parties, conferences and workshops
  • Indoor organized group recreational classes and activities like pottery, art and choir
  • Post-secondary on-campus student housing
If your business is not listed above, you do not need to implement a process for checking the BC Vaccine Card.

How It Works

When a person tries to enter an applicable business, venue or event, they must show a copy of BOTH their BC Vaccine Card and a Government-Issued Photo ID.  Businesses are required through a new Provincial Health Order to verify a person’s proof of vaccination before granting them entry.
The business/venue/event is required to confirm the BC Vaccine Card shows the necessary level of vaccination (partial as of September 13, fully vaccinated by October 24).

Checking for the Card

Applicable businesses are required to verify the BC Vaccine Card of people before granting entry. To do this, there are two options the business can choose from:
  • Use the BC Vaccine Card Verifier app
    • Download the app and then use it to scan the BC Vaccine Card QR code presented by your customer
    • Check to ensure the BC Vaccine Card is legitimate and shows the necessary vaccination status (partially vaccinated until October 24, then fully vaccinated)
    • Confirm the name on the BC Vaccine Card is the same as the person present by checking their government ID
    • The app should be available for download as of September 13 from the Apple app store and Google Play store
  • Verify the BC Vaccine Card visually
    • Confirm the BC Vaccine Card displays the necessary vaccination status (partially vaccinated until October 24, then fully vaccinated)
    • Confirm the name on the BC Vaccine Card is the same as the person present by checking their government ID

Exceptions and Different Cases

  • Children under 12 do not need a BC Vaccine Card at all
  • Children between 12 and 18 require a BC Vaccine Card, but do NOT need to show secondary photo ID
  • Members of the Canadian Armed Forces do NOT require a BC Vaccine Card. They can show their National Defence Canada COVID-19 vaccine record or card and their National Defence ID card
  • Out of Province visitors are required to show their provincial vaccination record document and photo ID
  • International visitors are required to show their proof of vaccination used to enter Canada (ArriveCanada app) and photo ID

Getting the Card

To get a BC Vaccine Card, individuals should visit https://www.gov.bc.ca/vaccinecard on their smart phone.
Once you are redirected to the submission site, enter your Date of Birth, Personal Health Number (located on your BC CareCard, BC Driver’s License, or BC Services Card), and the date of either your first or second vaccine dose (either one).
The system will then provide you with your vaccination status and a QR code – this should be saved on your phone as an image or screenshot for ease of display in the future.
By Phone
If you can’t access the BC Vaccine Card online you can call 1-833-838-2323, seven days a week, 7 am to 7 pm with translators available.
Using Your Existing Paper Vaccine Card

People can continue to use their paper vaccination cards until September 26 as an interim measure to allow people to get their digital card.

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If you have questions about this new requirement, or concerns on how to implement it in your business, please contact us as we will work to connect you with the answers and resources you need.  

As a member of the COVID-19 Industry Roundtable with Dr. Bonnie Henry, the Burnaby Board of Trade will continue to raise the concerns and needs of our members to government and public health leaders.