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100 computers delivered show early success
for Internet for Good campaign

BURNABY, December 12, 2016 – BC Technology for Learning Society (BC Tech) has delivered the first 100 computers to families on income or disability assistance as part of the Internet for Good pilot program which expects to support 5000 families with their first computer in the home.

“It’s so heart warming to listen to families share their plans for where the computer will go in their home, how happy they are not to need the library computer at night when homework still isn’t finished”, said Mary-Em Waddington, Executive Director, BC Technology for Learning Society. “The families are so grateful that this need in our digital world is being addressed for them.”

Internet for Good is a partnership with TELUS announced on October 14th, 2016 and aims to bridge the last sector of the digital divide, the low income family home. Through letters distributed by BC Ministry of Social Development & Social Innovation, families have received a unique access code which enables them to call TELUS for $10 a month internet service and BC Tech for a $100 computer.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 Canadians do not have access to the internet at home. When surveyed about reasons for not having Internet access, low-income parents have cited three main barriers: price, hardware, and education. BC Tech’s role in Internet for Good is to provide computers and ensure the tools needed to access the internet are available to support homework, research, job search and training.

Interest in the pilot program has been high with BC Tech averaging 30 calls per day.

Families are able to purchase the computer system for $107 which includes a computer pre-loaded with Microsoft Windows 10 and Office, monitor, keyboard and mouse; shipping and taxes. One computer is available per family with the unique access code until October 2017.


About BC Technology for Learning Society

BC Tech’s mission is to improve learning and protect the environment by refurbishing technology. The organization celebrated the distribution of its 150,000th computer in June 2016 and is the delivery agent of Industry, Science & Economic Development’s Computers for Schools program that refurbishes and delivers, at little or no cost, technology from government organizations, private businesses and individuals in support of digital inclusion and economic development.


Mary-Em Waddington