BBOT Members Can Access Digital Audit Program for Help Adopting Technology

The Burnaby Board of Trade is pleased to share with its members a special opportunity through the BC Tech Association.

The HyperTech Digital Audit program is a technology adoption program for BC based small and medium sized companies, helping them to identify, adopt and leverage technology to improve their business efficiency and remain competitive in today’s market. This heavily-subsidized program offers companies one-on-one engagement with a technology expert who will review your use of technology and provide recommendations on technology adoption to improve your business efficiency.

Deadline to apply: Friday 13 March, 2020

• To apply to the program sign up on the BC Tech website

Who is it for?

For small and medium sized companies in non-tech industries looking to adopt technologies to increase efficiency, streamline revenue and grow revenues.

What is it?

Companies who undertake the program will receive a tailored audit report from the technology expert with recommendations and a roadmap of how you can implement technology to drive productivity gains.

  • Digital marketing: Explore how technology can help make your marketing programs more effective.
  • Sales productivity: Uncovering how technology can help to automate processes and make your salesforce more productive.
  • Back office productivity: Learn what technology can help to streamline processes and make your organization more productive.

Digital audits should take approx 30 days depending on the availability of the company. Companies must be committed to invest roughly 15-20 hours of qualified staff time to work with the subject matter expert.