BC Moves to Stage 2 of Restart Plan as of June 15

As of June 15, BC is moving to Stage 2 of the BC Restart Plan, which will see several public health measures and restrictions repealed or eased.

For the latest information on the public health restrictions due to COVID-19, click here. 

As of June 15, the following changes are enacted:

    • The non-essential travel ban is lifted and people can travel throughout the province for any reason.
    • Out-of-province non-essential travel advisory continues
    • Outdoor person gatherings (parties, BBQs, etc) are allowed up to a maximum of 50 people
    • Indoor, seated events (e.g., movie theatres, live theatre, banquet halls) are allowed to be held for up to 50 people with safety plans in place
    • All indoor and outdoor adult and youth team sports now allowed
    • Maximum of 50 spectators for outdoor sports now allowed
    • Liquor service at restaurants, bars and pubs extended until midnight
      • In-person dining remains allowed as part of Stage 1, but is still limited to groups of 6 to a table and masks are required when not seated
    • High-intensity group fitness classes can begin again indoors with safety plans.
      • Low intensity group fitness and gyms can remain operations as part of Stage 1
    • Businesses can continue return to workplace plans for employees in line with current COVID safety plans
      • Daily health checks, physical distancing, and masks remain fundamental parts of workplace safety
    • Masks remain mandatory in public indoor spaces
    • As in Stage 1, social gatherings are one’s own home are still allowed
      • Up to 5 visitors or 1 other household can visit a personal residence.