BBOT Releases Principles To Guide Housing Discussions in Burnaby at Mayor’s Task Force and Beyond


The Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT), through a member-driven task force, has developed a set of core principles regarding housing needs in the city which informed the BBOT’s participation in the Mayor’s Task Force and will underpin future BBOT advocacy on housing issues.  The availability and affordability of housing is a critically important issue for local businesses as it impacts access to local workers and customers, as well as the disposable income of residents.

The priorities largely focus on addressing the shortage of affordable and available housing for the “missing middle” — middle income residents and workers who may find themselves ineligible for existing supports but not able to afford housing in the city independently.

The BBOT’s President & CEO Paul Holden was a member of the official Mayor’s Taskforce on Community Housing at the City of Burnaby, and provided input on housing priorities from the business community’s perspective based on these same set of principles.

Read the BBOT’s housing principles document below or click here: