BBOT Makes 9 Recommendations to Small Business Task Force

As part of consultations by the Small Business Task Force, the Burnaby Board of Trade has issued 9 recommendations for how the BC government can better support small businesses across the province. The Burnaby Board of Trade’s varied recommendations address access to government services, the cost of doing business in BC, and other barriers to small business success.

In its submission to the Small Business Task Force, the Burnaby Board of Trade recommends that the provincial government:

  1. Cancel the implementation of the Employer Health Tax
  2. If the Employer Health Tax persists, implement the Burnaby Board of Trade’s 4-point plan to improve its application and minimize its negative impacts

  3. Tie future minimum wage increases to the CPI following the current schedule of increases

  4. Implement a refundable input tax credit for a portion of the PST paid on business inputs of equipment, machinery and software

  5. Reduce barriers to small businesses accessing and utilizing government support programs

  6. Explore options for creating a concierge system to centralize information about and access to employment programs

  7. Work with chambers of commerce and boards of trade to promote government programs and build awareness of those supports amongst small businesses
  8. Work with municipalities to explore expanding existing intermunicipal business licence programs

  9. Invest in the OneStop Business Registry to alleviate and prevent delays for businesses using the service

To read the Burnaby Board of Trade’s submission in full, including further details on these 9 recommendations, click here.  For more information on the provincial government’s new Small Business Task Force, visit its website here.