BBOT Co-hosts Social Purpose Executive Round Table with the City of Burnaby and United Way’s Social Purpose Institute



The Burnaby Board of Trade in partnership with the City of Burnaby and the United Way’s Social Purpose Institute was pleased to bring together VP’s and CEO’s from Burnaby-based organizations for a round table discussion on social purpose. As a triple bottom line organization the Burnaby Board of Trade has long understood that the health of business and community are inextricably linked together. Social Purpose is an emerging business trend and an advanced level of Corporate Social Responsibility.  This next iteration of CSR opens up the opportunity to lead with social purpose and work together to advance to the next level of business and societal impact. Participants included: D-Wave Systems Inc., Pacific Blue Cross, ABC Recycling,, HUB International, Inovatec and Left Coast Naturals. For more information on Social Purpose visit