BBOT Calls for Government to Make Programs More Open to Small Businesses at Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM

BBOT’s Cory Redekop Speaking To CCC Delegates

This past weekend, September 22-24, the Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) was in Thunder Bay, Ontario for the 2018 Canadian Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting (AGM), where it successfully lobbied for a policy calling on the federal government to make government programs, funding and incentives (in this case, specifically around energy efficiency and sustainability) more open and accessible for small businesses.

The BBOT’s policy argues that many federal programs exclude small businesses because of their scope (eligible projects are too large), their complexity (with often onerous application and reporting requirements), and the need for up-front-funding (where government only contributes part of the amount, and often in a rebate long after the expense has been paid by the business).  Speaking to the 300 delegates from across the country,  Cory Redekop, BBOT manager of policy and stakeholder relations,  argues that “future government programs should dedicate a portion of funding to small businesses to allow them to participate as well.”

With an overwhelming vote of support, the BBOT’s policy is now an official Canadian Chamber of Commerce position and they will advocate to the federal government directly on it.

Read the BBOT’s policy resolution, “Helping More Small Businesses Improve Their Energy Productivity and Efficiency“, by clicking here or viewing below.