BBOT Event Highlights Breadth of Sustainability Innovation in Burnaby

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s Sustainability and Innovation Talks event such a success!

Held at the Element Hotel on June 27, Sustainability and Innovation Talks featured rapid-fire presentations from a suite of sustainability-minded speakers from across our region covering a variety of environmental topics.

Speakers included:

  • Karen Storry (Metro Vancouver) on eliminating textile waste from our landfills
  • Adam Corneil (Unbuilders) on deconstruction as opposed to demolition and how to re-use and reclaim previously-purposed wood
  • Ninna and Winston (BC Bee Supply) on the importance of nurturing urban hives and the value of pollinators
  • Allan Langdon (Encorp/Return-It) on the breadth of recycling programs in BC and where we go from here
  • Ian Levitt (Trans Mountain) on how resource companies can have commitment to sustainability
  • Andy Lewicki (Ricky’s Restaurant) on driving sustainable performance through a restaurant chain
  • Shahina Jessa (FortisBC) on driving sustainability metrics through their business

This event provided a informative snapshot of the diverse actions organizations and individuals across Burnaby and the region are taking to increase their sustainable performance.  For more business sustainability information, visit our award-winning environmental platform, The Pledge for a Sustainable Community at

Thanks to our generous sponsors who made this event possible.

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