ASAP Office Supplies Donates over $50,000 to Local Schools With New Program

Did you know that 5% of all purchases for home or office from BBOT member ASAP Office Supplies gets donated back to a local school PAC of your choice?  Since this program launched in November 2018, 60 schools have been gifted a total of more than $50,000!

ASAP Office Supplies customers can order any of their 21,000 items including name brands like Tim Hortons coffee, Glad garbage bags, Ziploc bags, Tide laundry detergent, Bounty paper towel, Charmin toilet paper, Energizer or Duracell batteries, Swiffer floor cleaners, Croyola Crayons, paints, chalk, Dawn dish soap, Bounce dryer sheets, Finish Jet-Dry, Lysol wipes, Puffs tissues, Windex etc…

Customers then enter the name of the school they would like the 5% donation to go to, and the donation is made!  Any school is eligible and the donations help support new playgrounds, music instruments, gym equipment, tablets and computers, and many other needed items and initiatives.

Congratulations to ASAP Office Supplies on this great program and for making such a difference for local kids!