5 Minutes for Business: A Tale of Two 2050s

In this edition of 5 Minutes for Business the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the Burnaby Board of Trade brings you a “Tale of Two 2050’s”.

Canada is at a crossroads. Increasingly, debate on our economy, and resource sector in particular, has become polarized around a false trade off: either we pursue effective climate action or we develop our resource sector. Somehow, we have convinced ourselves that we cannot do both. The recent uncertainty on the decision of Frontier Mine drove the point home that our climate policy and resource sector have yet to work together, both in the minds of many Canadians and in public policy. If we continue on this path, we will struggle in the years ahead to not only achieve effective action on climate change, but also to redefine Canada’s economic activity with the resource sector as a thriving economic engine.
In what follows, we imagine a tale of two 2050s. One where we continue on our present trajectory and another where we think more strategically on how to leverage Canada’s advantages in pursuit of its long-term goals of effective climate action and prosperity.

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