Paladin Security Closes Merger with Action BMS Group of Companies

PaladinCompanies focused on market growth, culture and commitment to clients

Paladin Security is pleased to announce that it has finalized terms for the merger with the Action BMS group of companies. With approximately $40M in annual revenues, the Action BMS group of companies holds a dominant market position in Western Canada for major system projects. It has developed a leading technical team to manage sophisticated projects, particularly at the enterprise-level.

Ted Reid, president of Paladin Security Systems Ltd, said; “This agreement represents Paladin Security’s commitment to develop our team in the best interests of our clients. By building our critical mass on the technology side of our business, we have added a tremendous amount of capability in designing customized solutions for our clients.”

Ashley Cooper, CEO of the Paladin Security group of companies, added; “We are very much focused on developing our full service model by enhancing our technological capability. I know the terrific people of Action BMS will help take our organization to the next level in client satisfaction.”

Willy Disler, the founder and CEO of the Action BMS group of companies, was reflective on the significant impact the transaction would have on the Canadian market: “I have had the pleasure of seeing our team grow each year. We have built up a fantastic employee base that is ready to take on the next chapter of the organization’s journey by working with one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. The Paladin Security team was the best fit for our group on a cultural level such that I am convinced this is the best way forward for both our employees and clients.”