Istuary’s First Pitch Competition an Overwhelming Success

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Six finalists gave their final pitch in an attempt to win over the judges and make their entrepreneurial dream come true at the Istuary Pitch Competition. The six finalists were selected out of over 75 teams who have entered. The teams were in all different industry—from virtual reality to lifestyle—but had one thing in common: all of their ventures were innovative and technologically advanced. For six months prior to the final competition, the competitors undergone rigorous training with seasoned professionals to perfect their venture idea and pitch.

6Andrea Reimer (Deputy Mayor), Haiying Yu (Science and Technology Consul, Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver), Zhengshun Qiao (Education Consul, Consulate-General of The People’s Republic of China in Vancouver), together with Ethan Sun (Istuary’s President & Chairman) welcomed the competing teams, potential investors, and VIP guests.

The $50,000 prize money was not the only award won that night. Peter Kao and his team at LyraVR received the most votes from their online video submission, and took home the Most Popular Team Award. There was even an award for the Best Mentor, which was awarded to seasoned Presentation Coach, Steve Kim. Finally, after much deliberation amongst the judges, they finally came to a conclusion and Istuary President and Chairman, Ethan Sun, presented the grand prize of $50,000 to, an economically priced hardware security device for data protection and user authentication.


About the Istuary Pitch Competition
The Istuary Pitch Competition aims to advance technology innovation and bring entrepreneurs’ dreams to life. The competition provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to catch the attention of potential investors and leaders in the startup community and build a professional network. The winner of the competition will take home $50,000 to fund their venture. The Istuary Pitch Competition is sponsored by the Sino-Can Cultural and Creative Industries Foundation, Istuary Idea Labs, Istuary Capital, with support from CABI (Canadian Association of Business Incubation), the Vancouver Economic Commission, and Angel 100.

About Istuary Innovation Group
Istuary Innovation Group is a unique business platform that cultivates and launches entrepreneurial talent into the global market by integrating innovation & technology, cultural & creativity, capital, and consulting. The four groups work in synergy and provide Istuary initiatives with timely in-house capital, world-class R&D, business expertise and marketing support.