Help Tippet-Richardson Fight Hunger During their Fundraiser

Tippet-Richardson Fundraiser

Tippet-Richardson will be holding a Fundraiser to help fight hunger!

We at Tippet-Richardson have set ourselves a challenge, to raise $30,000 for Move for Hunger, a charity working throughout Canada and the US to end food poverty.  Please pitch in with us, in the fight against hunger, by donating here!

FACT:  The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused an unprecedented need for food. 1 in 8 households in Canada are considered food insecure, with 4.4 million Canadians not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

You can support Move For Hunger’s hunger relief and food rescue programs and help provide meals for those in need as we continue to battle the effects of Covid-19.  
Your support will directly impact the number of people we are able to feed in the years ahead. 96% of every donation goes directly towards our hunger relief and food waste reduction programs.

Hunger is a year-round problem that requires a year-round solution.

Make a donation today and join the fight against hunger with Move For Hunger.