Local Business Support Grant

The “Local Business Support Grant”  is a grant funding initiative of the Burnaby Board of Trade and operated through the Centre for Burnaby Business Recovery and Resilience.  This program is directly funded by and administered by the Burnaby Board of Trade.

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to Burnaby Board of Trade members to fund specific activities or investments that will support their efforts to rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic and better position themselves for the future marketplace.

For full rules and eligibility, consult the Application Guidelines document.

Due to significant demand, the application process is currently paused as we review existing submissions.

For questions, contact admin@bbot.ca or call 604 412 0100

Eligibility and Details

  • Be a member in good standing of the Burnaby Board of Trade
  • Open to any type of business or non-profit (incorporated, sole proprietorship, partnership, or non-profit organization)
  • Be in full compliance with all applicable government laws, rules, regulations and other legally binding measures
  • Must not be in the process of being sold, dissolved, or in the process of ceasing operations, and must plan to continue operations into the future
  • Applicants can submit more than one application but each application submitted should be related to one specific activity or investment.
  • The maximum amount of grants any one business can access in total in one calendar year is $5,000.
  • Priority will be given to applications which propose to use other BBOT members as suppliers/providers
  • Grant funds are limited and once funds are exhausted, all other applications will not be processed
  • Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis

Grant Categories and Amounts

Grants are available across four category areas:

  • Professional Development Courses and Training
    • Grants up to $1,500
    • To help fund professional development training, certification or training for business owners or employees
    • Courses and training may be offered by any third-party providers but priority will be given to applications which plan to use Burnaby Board of Trade service providers.  (see list of BBOT members)
  • Business Education
    • Grants up to $3,000
    • To help fund enrollment in formal business education courses or curricula at local post-secondary institutions
    • To be funded, business education must be sought from a Burnaby Board of Trade member educational institution (see list).
  • Essential Equipment or Physical Improvements
    • Grants up to $5,000
    • To help fund the purchase of equipment for use by the business, for new business software or digital activities, or for physical improvements to the business/workplace to facilitate growth and operations
    • Purchases can be made from any vendor or supplier, but priority will be given to applications which plan to use Burnaby Board of Trade members to source their equipment or improvements (see list of BBOT members)
  • Essential Community Programming
    • Grants up to $3,000
    • To help fund the delivery of essential community programming by applicant non-profit organizations only

Application Process

Applicants should read the applicant guide in full before applying to ensure they are an eligible applicant and are seeking funding for eligible activities.  Applications will be accepted through an online submission form.

Applicants must outline the specific activity or investment the grant money will be used for, how it will impact the applicant, and why financial support is needed.

As part of the application, the applicant must provide written estimates/quotes to show the cost of the proposed activities, and once a grant amount is conditionally approved the applicant must provide proof of payment for those proposed activities before the grant payment will be issued.

The Local Business Support Grant is an initiative of the Centre for Burnaby Business Recovery & Resilience which is supported by the following partners:

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