2018 Community Summit: Brave New Work — SFU Public Square

The 2018 Community Summit, Brave New Work, invites us to consider how we can all thrive in the changing world of work. Listed here are two events that BBOT members may want to consider attending. BBOT members save 25% off the ticket price with promo code.

SFU public Square: Brave New Work Feb 26

February 26: The Future of Work in Canada: Emerging Trends and Opportunities

This event will feature high profile panellists talking about everything from AI/automation, diversity in HR practices, addressing the skills gap, and alternative business models.
What are some of the trends currently defining the new world of work in Canada, and what does our future look like? What opportunities can be seized to build more competitive, prosperous, and inclusive organizations?
This mini-conference, presented in partnership with Deloitte Canada, will feature panel discussions and presentations by representatives from Deloitte, Brookfield Institute, BC Federation of Labour, LinkedIn, Futurpreneur, Vancity, RBC, Briteweb, Wavefront, and more.

Seating is limited and lunch is included! Use promo code “BoT” for 25% off.
Tickets here: https://goo.gl/AS6YK2

SFU public Square: Brave New Work Feb 28

February 28: The New World of Work: Thriving or Surviving?

As part of its 2018 Community Summit, Brave New Work, SFU Public Square is proud to present, in partnership with Vancity, an evening with Van Jones and Anne-Marie Slaughter.

Automation, artificial intelligence, and globalization are changing the nature of work and what we do to earn a living. While some look to these changes to improve our quality of life, others foresee worker displacement and increased inequality. Many of us are struggling to understand what actions we can take as individuals and as a society to thrive, or at least survive, in the new world of work.

CBC’s Laura Lynch will moderate a conversation with Van Jones and Anne-Marie Slaughter, two leading commentators on the American economy, discussing the role that citizens, governments and civil society can play in shaping the future of work. They will explore the challenges ahead, as well as how these challenges might be addressed through green jobs, emergent industries, education and public policy.

Use promo code “BoT” for 25% off.

Tickets here: https://goo.gl/VSfyby