Women’s Business Success Network Plans Career Discussion Events with Young Women Students at Burnaby School District



The Burnaby Board of Trade’s Women’s Business Success Network (WBSN) is partnering with the Burnaby School District on a pair of unique events designed to support young women in exploring the diversity of career and professional opportunities available in our business community. We are now looking for women professionals to volunteer to participate in these special outreach events to Burnaby students.  For more information on participating, contact Tessa at tessa@bbot.ca

On February 3rd and February 7th the WBSN and Burnaby School District will be holding a Career and Leadership Exploration World Café to connect young women in grades 10, 11 and 12 with professional women from diverse career paths including STEAM, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership.

WBSN and BBOT members along with dozens of students will participate in a “world café” style event, with groups of students moving from table to table for career discovery discussions with the women stationed at each.  This fast-paced and engaging event will provide professionals with an opportunity to encourage and inform young women about their fields, and will allow students to discover and consider sectors and careers they may have discounted or been unaware of.

The Burnaby Board of Trade is now looking for women to volunteer to be part of these roundtable discussions from diverse career paths including STEAM, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. In particular, women representing Computing, Engineering and Tech, Health Science, Construction, Trades and Architecture, Health Science and Biotech, Sustainability and Clean Energy, Arts/Culture/Design, and Entrepreneurship/Business Owners are encouraged to participate.

For more information on participating in this event, please contact Tessa Vanderkop at tessa@bbot.ca or 604 412 0100.