Tennis Canada On Track to Building World-Class Tennis Training Facility in Burnaby

Tennis Canada

Burnaby Board of Trade member Tennis Canada’s plan to build the Pacific Tennis Centre at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex has not been shaken by the pandemic.

During a press conference earlier this month, Eva Havaris, the vice-president of tennis participation and partnership for Tennis Canada, stated the City of Burnaby has committed the required land for the world-class tennis training facility at no cost, as well as $6.5 million from the value of the municipal government’s site servicing cost coverage.

This Pacific Tennis Centre project will have 12 year-round indoor tennis courts, eight outdoor clay courts, and eight outdoor pickleball courts. With a total of 28 courts, the Pacific Tennis Centre would be the largest facility of its kind west of Toronto.

“It will be a national resource for Tennis Canada, including its regional junior tennis program, and the new home of Canada’s only national high performance wheelchair tennis program,” said Havaris.

She says British Columbia is the fastest growing province for tennis participation, with participation amongst children leading the way. But the province is “grossly underserved” for year-round tennis facilities.

Tennis Canada is aiming to have the Pacific Tennis Centre built by 2023. To achieve this timeline, it is seeking funding from both the federal and provincial governments to cover a portion of the construction cost.

For its part, Harvis notes that Tennis Canada will also provide significant funding from its reserves, in addition to its fundraising efforts in BC, which has raised about $1 million to date.

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