Take to National “Canadian Survey on Business Conditions” and Help Steer Government Action

Your voice helps shape government’s response to COVID-19.  That’s why the Burnaby Board of Trade is urging all in our business community to participate in the new “Canadian Survey on Business Conditions“.  This nation-wide survey will provide information to help us advocate on your behalf, and will directly help government devise strategies for the survival and continuity of businesses of all sizes, from all sectors, across all regions of Canada.

This new survey from the Burnaby Board of Trade in partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, is live until April 10, and all information you provide will be kept confidential and used only for statistical and research purposes.

The decisions that the federal government will make in coming days and weeks will be made based on data – let’s help ensure that the data is accurate and that the right decisions are being made on behalf of all Canadians.

Take the survey!