Take the Purpose Plunge Event on June 22

Take the Purpose Plunge Event June 22


Now that you have adopted a social purpose for your organization, how do you fully live your purpose every day?

As revealed by Corporate Knights’ recent rating of social purpose companies, becoming an authentic purpose-driven company is a journey. To be a deep purpose company, according to Harvard Business School professor, Ranjay Gulati, you need to avoid convenient purpose, purpose as a disguise, and purpose on the periphery.

Here’s your chance to learn from three social purpose leaders ranked “Platinum” by Corporate Knights, on how to embed your social purpose into your organization’s DNA. Attend this one-hour virtual webinar to hear the answers to these questions and more:

  • How to engage staff on social purpose and embed it into HR practices?
  • How to embed purpose into your products, supply chains and customer relationships?
  • How to embed purpose into your corporate strategy?
  • How to make sure your purpose is resilient, and sustained during good and bad times?


  • Coro Strandberg, United Way Social Purpose Institute Advisor


  • Patrick Nangle, CEO, Modo Co-operative
  • Maureen Young, VP Social Purpose, Coast Capital Savings Credit Union
  • Richard Kouwenhoven, President & CEO, Hemlock Printers Ltd.

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