Steamworks Brewing Co. Marks the Release of its First Wine, Piquette

Steamworks Piquette

Burnaby Board of Trade member Steamworks Brewing Co. has announced the release of their Piquette, the company’s first foray into wine.

“Piquette boasts high drinkability thanks to its delivery of light, fruity effervescence and low ABV (typically only 5-7%),” says a news release. “Most easily compared to petillant-naturel, a piquette offers a palate of bright acid and soft tannins. A perfect summer sipper that has been steadily gaining popularity as its exposure and availability has increased.”

Made by adding water to the skins and other material left behind after grapes are pressed and fermenting the resulting liquid until it sparkles, piquette was traditionally made by vineyard workers as a way to give a delicious and refreshing second life to grape pomace, a news release said.

Keep an eye out for bottles of Piquette, hitting local liquor store shelves beginning Monday, June 14th.

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