The Pledge for a Sustainable Community

The Pledge for A Sustainable Community is a comprehensive online resource with the goal of helping businesses large and small reduce their environmental footprint while at the same time promoting their company and even saving money. Program participants have access to lots of valuable resources, tips and case studies to help them create a more sustainable workplace. They have the opportunity to share their successes, serve as role models, and pledge to take on new challenges. Once registered as a Pledge member, among other incentives businesses will be featured and recognized on BBOT channels, at events, and in the membership directory. Moving forward, the Pledge is going to be a significant part of the BBOT brand and an important tool for the local business community.

Some of the accolades and recognition that the Pledge has received includes:

  • Winner of the City of Burnaby Environmental Star Award
  • Finalist at Canadian Chamber of Commerce Innovative Programming Competition
  • Finalist in the category of “Best Corporate Social Responsibility Project” at the World Chambers Competition

Expertise for the Pledge resources has been provided by the BBOT’s Environmental Sustainability Committee; Environmental Consultant, Clare Matheson; and City Change, a group from the BCIT Sustainable Business Leadership Program.

Find the Pledge for A Sustainable Community at