Burnaby Young Professionals Network

DEVELOP key skills
RECOGNIZE and network with like-minded individuals
EMPOWER young professionals to be active in the community
ACCESS events and workshops
MENTOR and share your expertise

Dare to Dream  |  The Burnaby Young Professional Network (BYPN) is an initiative launched by the Burnaby Board of Trade (BBOT) that engages Burnaby’s emerging young professionals 35 and younger. We focus on building strong networks in the community as well as promoting development useful to careers and future opportunities.

We strive for:

Authentic Relationships

Focus on Goals

Voice Opinions

Build Leadership

Community Impact

Skills Development 


Membership cost: $150 annually + GST
Individuals 35 and younger can join and have access to:
6+ BYPN events 
Eligibility to participate on committees and task forces
Access  Gas Saving Benefits (save up to 3.5 cents per litre) as well as discounted prices on movies, travel, magazines, shows and more with Perkopolis!
Eligible for BYPN spotlight in BBOT’s weekly e-newsletter

*Employees of current BBOT members can purchase event tickets at member pricing. Please fill out our application form to join the network.*

To apply and for more information, please contact Tessa.

Upcoming BYPN Events

  • August 2018 social