Burnaby Young Professionals Network

The Burnaby Young Professional Network (BYPN) is an initiative launched by the Burnaby Board of Trade that seeks to engage Burnaby’s emerging young professionals. Building on the Access program, the BYPN will hosts events and learning opportunities for emerging leaders. The goals of the network are to help young professionals build strong networks in the community as well as promote the development of useful skills that can help them in their careers and future opportunities.

The BYPN have developed an acronym, DREAM, which encompasses the network’s goals and purpose:

Develop key skills that will assist in career growth and opportunities

Recognize and network with like-minded individuals

Empower young professionals to be active in the community

Access events, workshops, and networking opportunities

Mentor and share your expertise with those looking to start their careers


If you are interested in becoming part of the BYPN, shaping the programming we offer, and want to receive updates and event invitations, please fill out this short application here or by coping the below link into your browser: