Pre-Budget Consultations with Federal Government

The Burnaby Board of Trade adds value to our members by representing the interests of the business community with government.

Currently, the federal government is conducting consultations ahead of the 2018 federal budget and the BBOT has an opportunity to provide input and share our priorities with the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance.

Consistent with last year’s theme of economic growth, and believing that more productive people and more productive and competitive businesses can lead to enhanced growth and prosperity, the Committee is interested in receiving written submissions and oral testimony on the topic of productivity and competitiveness. Specifically, the focus of submissions and testimony should be:

1. What federal measures would help Canadians to be more productive?

For example, what education and training, health, housing, and labour market participation and mobility measures would help Canadians to be as productive as possible in their workplaces and their communities?

2. What federal measures would help Canadian businesses to be more productive and competitive?

For example, what measures would help businesses to undertake research, innovation and commercialization, purchase advanced technology and equipment, invest in the training and development of their employees, participate in global value chains and increase their international market share?

The BBOT welcomes the perspectives of our members and invites them to share their priorities and ideas with us as we prepare our submission to the federal government.

Input, suggestions and comments can be sent to our policy manager Cory Redekop at