Planning for recovery: How to restart your business in the wake of COVID-19

The Canadian economy is gradually reopening after a shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You will need to plan how your business will restart, adapting your operations to meet demand, ensuring your supply chains and managing your financial circumstances. You will also need to put best practices in place to ensure the safety of your employees as they return to work.

Join BDC Chief Economist Pierre Cléroux who will give an economic update and address the expected timeline for different sectors to recover, and other experts who will discuss how to address the new operational and financial challenges that businesses face.

You’ll discover:

  • Our forecast of how different industries will react to the reopening
  • How to ensure your employees health and safety as they return to work
  • What you need to do to secure supply chains
  • Ways to make sure production matches demand in the recovery
  • How to manage cash flow and increased debt

Who should watch?

Canadian business owners who want to be ready for the reopening of the economy.


Our experts

Pierre Cléroux

Pierre Cléroux

Vice President, Research and Chief Economist

Pierre Cléroux leads a team of experts who analyze economic data to identify business and sector trends impacting Canadian entrepreneurs. Mr. Cléroux is also responsible for providing economic analysis and advice to the Bank’s senior management team, and supervises all marketing and industry research activities. Over his 25-year career as an economist, he has held several influential positions that had a direct impact on entrepreneurs in Canada and abroad. A seasoned speaker, he regularly travels across the country to help business owners understand the risks and opportunities presented by the economic environment.

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Alka Sood

Alka Sood

Senior Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services

Alka Sood is a senior consultant and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience providing financial management, strategic planning and organizational development advice to businesses of all sizes. Her focus is on empowering entrepreneurs with knowledge, skills and management tools to independently implement improvements that have a positive and lasting impact on their businesses. Key elements of her approach include: Building financial literacy expertise and developing professional practices and skills.

Edward Ferguson

Edward (Ed) Ferguson

Senior Business Advisor, BDC Advisory Services

Edward Ferguson is a senior manager and consultant with over 20 years of experience driving value for clients of all sizes through operational excellence. Edward is passionate about efficient operations and promoting transformation within organizations. His focus is on teaching skills and providing tools to entrepreneurs who want to improve their processes and boost their productivity. He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and a certified Scrum Master. He holds an MBA from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.