New CleanBC Funding for Businesses/Non-Profits Working with Governments on Fossil Fuel Reductions

The CleanBC Communities Fund has announced a new round of funding open to businesses and non-profits working with local or Indigenous governments on projects to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.   Get the full information here

The fund supports cost-shared infrastructure projects that focus on management of renewable energy, improved access to clean-energy transportation, improved energy efficiency of buildings and the generation of clean energy.

Projects must result in measurable greenhouse gas reductions (GHG) and climate change mitigation in B.C. communities.

Eligible projects will improve or build new tangible physical infrastructure, primarily for public use and benefit. Examples include installing public ZEV charging stations, on-site anaerobic digesters in communities, or retrofitting public buildings.

Projects must meet at least one of the following outcomes to be considered eligible under the program:

  • Outcome 1: Increased capacity to manage renewable energy
  • Outcome 2: Increased access to clean energy transportation
  • Outcome 3: Increased energy efficiency of buildings
  • Outcome 4: Increased generation of clean energy

Projects should be completed by March 31, 2026.