Registering Your Business

Business Name Approvals and Registrations: The BBOT can help assist you with applying for a business name approval and with registering your sole proprietorship/partnership provincially in BC.

Selecting a Business Structure: Consult this brief info sheet for basic information on the different legal structures you need to choose for your business.

Business Structures – Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Corporations: Visit this page for an overview of some of the advantages and disadvantages of different business structures.

Guide to Federal Incorporation: Consult this document for help on incorporating your small business federally.

Incorporating your Business: Visit this Industry Canada website to incorporate your business federally.

Register your Corporation in BC: This website will take you through the steps to incorporate your business in BC or to register an extra-provincial business in BC.

Register to Collect the PST & GST: Consult these checklists to see if your business needs to register to collect and remit the PST and/or GST.

Permits and Licenses: Visit the BizPal interactive online system for help on determining the permits and licenses you may need to operate your business in a given city

WorkSafe BC Registration: Most employers are required by law to register their business/firm with WorkSafeBC and pay premiums. Learn more and self-register your business with WorkSafeBC.