Makers Making Change with assist from BBOT’s Local Business Support Program

Neil Squire Society

In response to the challenges of COVID-19, the Burnaby Board of Trade launched the Local Business Support Grant to help members with their efforts to rebuild from the COVID-19 pandemic and better position themselves for the future marketplace.

BBOT member Neil Squire Society received a Local Business Support Grant that helped them fund a student intern to work full time over the summer on assistive technology. The result aided in the development of an Arm Cycle Gaming Interface prototype.

Neil Squire’s guiding vision is to achieve economic and social inclusiveness for all people with disabilities. To support this vision, Makers Making Change leverages the capacity of community based Makers, Disability Professionals and Volunteers to develop and deliver affordable Open Source Assistive Technologies.

Read the full story on Neil Squire’s Makers Making Change website.

Makers Making Change