Update: Lane Closures for Gas Line Upgrade


Important gas line upgrades by FortisBC are set to restart in February.  As part of this upgrade, construction will begin again in north Burnaby and then continue into Coquitlam, resulting in the following lane closures and traffic restrictions:

  • Lougheed Highway and Madison Avenue intersection (February start)
  • Lougheed Highway between Sperling Avenue and Bainbridge Avenue (February start)
  • Lougheed Highway and Springer Avenue intersection (March start)
  • Bainbridge Avenue between Lougheed Highway and Broadway (March start)
  • Broadway Avenue between Bainbridge Avenue and Underhill Avenue (March start)
  • Broadway/Gaglardi Way between Production Way and North Road (April start)

The Burnaby Board of Trade has been communicating information about these closures to members in the areas affected throughout the project’s construction, including at a joint BBOT-Fortis event in 2018. We will continue to share updates with the business community to help you understand the project, and plan around any inconveniences. If you have any questions or concerns about this project, feel free to contact the Burnaby Board of Trade at cory@bbot.ca or contact Fortis at their¬†TalkingEnergy.ca site, read the announcement on 2019 construction, or watch the below fly-over video explaining the route through Burnaby.