BBOT Social Purpose Driven Organizations: Strengthening Communities

In 2020 the Burnaby Board of Trade signed a strategic agreement with the Social Purpose Institute and the City of Burnaby to grow social purpose “business for good movement” in Burnaby and beyond. Return-It, Traction on Demand and Chandos Construction are three social purpose businesses demonstrating how they’re social purpose mission is helping to strengthen communities.

Return-It’s social purpose is to exist to foster a world where nothing is waste. As part of their mission to create zero waste they are pleased to announce they have partnered with Diving In: The Art of Cleaning Lakes and Oceans to help clean up our oceans. We look forward to being part of the solution and educating people on the importance of recycling and keeping our oceans, lakes and waterways clean.

Traction on Demand Recognized for Best Workplaces for Giving Back 2021 Award

The phrase “giving what we’re good at” has significant history at Traction on Demand and we’ve been able to do this through our Traction for Good (T4G) community engagement program. In 2012, our Founder and CEO Greg Malpass received a $22,000 referral cheque from Salesforce for recommending the platform and he knew he wanted to make a difference with the referral money. Greg spoke to his wife and our VP of Community Performance, Michelle Malpass, which started the idea of Service Grants.
Since then, we’ve given close to $3 million in Service Grants to nonprofits and built a variety of T4G programs and initiatives. At our core, we’ve looked to create positive change and give back, which is why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve been named a Great Place to Work for Giving Back. We’re honoured to be recognized amongst an amazing group of Canadian companies who continue to set an example for what it means to truly be a great place to work. To learn more about how we are “giving what we’re good at” check out our Social Impact page.

Chandos Construction

As a purpose-driven business, we believe the Canadian construction industry can be profitable while also supporting people and the planet. In the July issue of Construction in Focus Magazine Tim Coldwell and Jen Hancock discuss how innovation and collaboration can drive meaningful change in how buildings are conceived and built. They share how we are using our business to make a positive social impact.

Our culture of collaboration helps us find diversity of thought. Ideas come from all team members. “We seek to leverage the experience and knowledge from everyone willing to collaborate.”- Jen Hancock