Join the 2022 WALK30 Challenge from April 11 – May 15!


The annual Walk30 Challenge is a friendly competition between Burnaby and New Westminster that encourages and inspires people to walk more to improve overall health and wellness, strengthen community connections, and rethink how we get around. Participants will walk every day for 5 weeks and track their progress to see which municipality can walk the most total minutes. In 2021, a total of 1.96 million minutes were recorded by 1492 active participants during the Challenge.

Signing up is easy. It starts on Monday.

Simply register for free here and join the Burnaby HCP team if you are not already on a different team at work or home. Your family members can also join this team.

In the link you need to sign in, go to the registration button, then join as a team, then look for Burnaby HCP and choose that team. Each of us will log our own minutes, and bonus points.

Let’s make this Burnaby’s Year!