Join our next Social Purpose Innovators cohort!

Social Purpose for business is quickly moving from “Nice-to-have” status to table stakes. These are some of the companies that have defined their Social Purpose with the Social Purpose Institute:

  • Is your company ready to take the next step to discover your business’ Social Purpose?
  • Would you like to become crystal clear on what societal good your company generates by the very act of doing business?
  • How can you harness your whole business, your company’s assets, talents and resources to do more good in the world?
  • What makes you and your employees motivated to wake up in the morning and bring your best to your work?
  • Do your customers, employees, and other stakeholders know why your company exists?

If you are curious about the answers to these questions, your business has 5 or more employees, and is a for-profit entity, then the unique Social Purpose Institute Innovators Program might be just the thing for your company. In this program, you’ll join a cohort of like-minded business executives to go on a journey to uncover and clearly articulate your company’s Social Purpose.

We are currently taking applications for the Fall 2021 cohort. Set up an exploratory, no obligation chat with us here.