How To Market Your Business In A Recession


Is a recession looming?
Will buyer behaviour change? And to what extent?
Should you stop marketing and advertising during a crisis?
This webinar will lay it all out for you and give you some concrete ideas to grow your brand and increase your online presence… all in a slower economy.

You will learn:

1. How to attract new customers in harsher times
2. How to adopt a value-first approach to attract prospects
3. How to prospect new potential clients (in weird places)
4. The best bang-for-buck marketing activities
5. What tools you can use to streamline your outreach
6. Ideas time – try some of these ideas yourself

After the webinar you’ll have a better idea of:

1. What works and what doesn’t during a recession
2. The best (most affordable) marketing campaigns your should be trying
3. How to get started with some campaigns yourself

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All attendees will be provided with:
Checklist: Our Secret List of Free & Affordable Marketing Activities (that you can try yourself)


Gavin O’Halloran, Digital Strategy expert at Monalo Media
Thursday, Apr 30 at 10:00 AM