Hemlock Printers Partners with Mohawk Paper to Expand Carbon Neutral Print Options

Hemlock Printers, one of North America’s most sustainable commercial printers, announced an expansion to their ZERO Carbon Neutral Printing Program this week. In partnership with Mohawk Fine Papers, this unique initiative provides for expanded opportunities to reduce and mitigate CO2 emissions through the paper supply chain lifecycle, from forest to mill and transportation to recycling.

Developed in 2009 in partnership with Offsetters, a Vancouver-based provider of high-quality climate change solutions, Hemlock’s ZERO program has enabled hundreds of customers to neutralize over 12 million kilograms of carbon emissions (CO2e) by investing in renewable energy and clean technology projects, including the Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Project in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia.
Core to the program expansion is the addition of Mohawk Options 100% PC, a leading FSC® and Green-e certified 100% post-consumer paper, which is now automatically carbon neutral when specified by the customer. This new initiative is an important step in a wider effort to simplify and expand the ZERO program by making carbon neutral products a standard part of Hemlock’s service.

“The support from Mohawk for this initiative has been exceptional from the outset” indicates Hemlock’s President, Richard Kouwenhoven. “It is exactly the type of industry collaboration we need to address the greenhouse gas footprint of our products. Simultaneously, our partnership provides the opportunity to take active steps to protect important ecosystems which are critical to the health of our planet. We look forward to working with Mohawk and our other supplier partners in continuing to grow the impact of this initiative in the months and years ahead.”

The direct emissions of manufacturing Mohawk Options 100% PC are offset exclusively for Hemlock through Mohawk’s contributions to the Darkwoods Forest Carbon Project, conserving the biodiversity and water stewardship of over 55,000 hectares of boreal forests in south-eastern British Columbia. “Our companies share a commitment to environmental stewardship and leaving future generations with the beauty and integrity of our natural resources” adds Mohawks’ Sr VP National Accounts Joe O’Connor. “Our shared cultures of pride, purpose and performance is a
connective force that attracts customers and helps develop them as long term-partners.”

The new carbon neutral sheet offers designers a wide and well-stocked portfolio of colours and finishes, including Options 100% PC Smooth, Vellum, Warm White, Cool White and Smooth Digital. Swatch books, samples and more detailed technical information is readily available from Hemlock and its representatives.

See the full press release here.