Help Wildlife Rescue Expand the Medical Centre for Injured & Orphaned Wildlife


Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia is a registered charity, federally and provincially permitted to operate a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Burnaby BC. Injured, orphaned and pollution-impacted wildlife from throughout BC come to Wildlife Rescue to receive professional care and treatment.

Wildlife Rescue has a very exciting project! We are converting an existing building into a new Medical Treatment Centre that will provide care to over 5,000 animals a year.

In winter 2017, heavy snowfall and rain damaged a 30-year-old hospital building. The situation forced Wildlife Rescue to close the building, while retrofitting and re-purposing other animal building to continue providing services.

To continue this process of retrofitting, the new medical centre is for primary activities such as examinations, treatment & stabilization procedures, in-house lab diagnostics and personnel training. Once the building conversion is complete, we will use the current exam area for our fledgling care, another critical space demand for the animal program.

Since 1979, WRA has treated over 110,000 animals from across BC and throughout western Canada, while raising the rehabilitation standards

Please support saving wildlife by helping to complete the Medical Treatment Centre for injured & orphaned wildlife. Your generous contribution will go toward the furniture, equipment and supplies that will allow us to continue providing high-level care for vulnerable animals while we plan for the future. This project is a small part of a larger site renovation to come and we can help more wildlife throughout Metro Vancouver and the entire province of BC.

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