Guaranteed Savings on Credit Card Merchant Fees for BBOT Members

Did you know Burnaby Board of Trade members can save on every charge with exclusive discounts on credit and debit card processing through our partnership with First Data/Clover?

Transaction fees can really add up and eat into your business’ cash flow. And with more people paying by card now than ever before, your business could be spending much more than it needs to! One member recently joined this discount program and will now save $1,091 in credit card fees this year!

The Burnaby Board of Trade was the first chamber of commerce in Canada with this partnership with First Data/Clover, designed to help your business access simple, affordable and transparent credit card processing to help you save money on every transaction. Plus, First Data/Clover offers innovative terminals that make accepting payments easy, whether in-person or online.

The Burnaby Board of Trade is so confident that this initiative will help you save costs, our partners at First Data/Clover are betting a $1,000 visa gift card they can beat your current processing fees.  Click here or see below for details on this special offer!

For more information on this program and how the Burnaby Board of Trade can help you save on every charge, contact or call 604-412-0100.