COVID Restrictions Easing for Events, Restaurants, Fitness

As of February 16 at 11:59pm, a number of restrictions will be lifted that had been impacting both business and personal activities.   The Burnaby Board of Trade has been engaging with the provincial government as part of our role on the COVID Industry Table on the impacts of restrictions on our business community and applauds this important move to easing the restrictions on businesses.

For full information on provincial restrictions, click here.   If you have questions or concerns for your business, please contact the Burnaby Board of Trade’s Director of Policy Cory Redekop at

Summary of Restriction Changes:

Masks and BC Vaccine Card:  The indoor mask mandate, and the use of the BC Vaccine Card will remain in place.  Where the current expiration of the BC Vaccine Card is set at June 30, the Public Health Office has committed to a review of the need for these measures by March 15 and by April 12.

Organized Events:   Celebrations, wedding receptions, and other events can operated at full capacity, with no restrictions on remaining seated or restricting dancing.   Masks and Vaccine Card remain in place.

Seated Venues:  Sports, casinos, theaters and other seated venues can return to full capacity. Masks and Vaccine Card remain in place.

Fitness:   Fitness centres and gyms, adult sports, dance or swimming classes – all can operate at full capacity with the mask mandate and Vaccine Card in place.

Restaurants, Bars, Clubs –    Bars and clubs can re-open, and, along with restaurants, can operated at full capacity without any table-size limits, with mingling and dancing allowed.  Masks and Vaccine Card remain in place.

Offices and Businesses – Workplaces must continue to operate under COVID Safety Plans, but working-from-home is no longer recommended, and Dr. Henry has approved a transition back into the workplace.