Chambers Plan: Providing Support for Members Affected by the BC Floods

As events unfold, the devastating floods in BC continue to impact thousands of people. Damages in the area can directly affect plan members’ physical and mental well-being and immediate support is critical. The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan is here to help.

Prescription Drugs
If a medication has been damaged or misplaced as a result of these events, plan members with Drug coverage will be eligible for an early refill. Pharmacists have been provided the ability to refill scripts early when required. If the pharmacist is having problems filling the prescription, please have them connect with the pharmacy contact they have for Telus Health.

Medical Equipment
If a plan member requires a replacement of medical equipment (including prescription eyewear) under your plan’s Health options, please have them call our office at the number below and we’ll arrange to get what they need.

If a plan member with Dental coverage has lost, or lost access to, their dental guards or dentures, we can help arrange replacements. Please have them call our office at the number below.

Disability Cheques
For plan members who’ve had a disability cheque lost or destroyed, we can cancel and reissue these cheques. We can also set up direct deposit for any plan member who needs that option.

Employee Assistance Program Support (EAP)
Employee assistance programs (EAPs), whether through your plan or another provider, can be a critical support. By calling, individuals will receive professional emotional support and/or a referral to local resources. If your plan includes access to an EAP, please help ensure plan members know this support is available 24/7. We are here to help. Please contact us with any questions.

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Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan