Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants

Are you looking to fill positions in your company? Do you want to diversify your workforce? MOSAIC’s Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants program has access to 250+ highly skilled newcomer professionals to satisfy your hiring needs.
While we have clients with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds, the current top professions are:
 Financial auditors and accountants
 Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
 Administrative assistants
 Administrative officers
 Human resources professionals
 Advertising, marketing, public relations, business development professionals
 Financial and investment analysts

What we can offer:
 Pre-screening of candidates
 Meet and greet sessions where you can connect with candidates and share information about your company
 Weekly check-ins to facilitate workplace integration
 Funding for relevant professional development courses for eligible candidates
 Occupation-specific language training for eligible candidates
Our clients are seeking both permanent positions and internships, which are a great opportunity for employers to try out a candidate with no obligation to hire.
Internships should be a minimum of 4 weeks at 5 hours per day at minimum wage or above.