Canada Post Offers Free Mail Forwarding and Hold Mail

COVID-19 Updates & Resources

Canada Post is waiving all fees related to special mail services including Mail Forwarding and Hold Mail.  If your business’ operations have been impacted and you are not accessing your location/office as often, you can choose to have mail stopped and held at Canada Post (Hold Mail) or you can have it redirected to a new location where you can more easily access and process it (Mail Forwarding).

Businesses that have been receiving mail but would like Canada Post to start holding their mail can sign up for the service at The fee will be refunded.

Canada Post is also offering free Mail Forwarding service. Businesses can sign up for it at

What is Hold Mail?

The Hold Mail service temporarily stops mail delivery at a given address. Mail is safely stored at a
Canada Post facility until the customer is able to receive it. Hold Mail fees have been refunded since
late March and the service remains free until further notice. Mail held as part of a Hold Mail request
will be delivered upon expiry or cancellation of the service. The Hold Mail service applies to mail items
but we will try to accommodate parcels to the extent that we can, given the limited space in some of
our facilities.

A note about Hold Mail
Given the huge volume of mail and the challenge of locating individual items, it will not be possible for us
to search for and deliver individual items for customers. However, customers who face hardship or other
exceptional circumstances should call our customer care team at 1-877-683-5895.

What is Mail Forwarding?

Mail Forwarding directs mail to a new address. For businesses operating from a new or temporary
location, this service means mail delivery continues uninterrupted. Mail Forwarding is available free to
businesses that sign up online at Any mail that was held as part of a
Hold Mail service will also be forwarded to the new address, provided the Hold Mail service expires after
the start date of the Mail Forwarding service. Due to high volumes, that delivery may take longer than
usual. Like Hold Mail, Mail Forwarding applies only to mail but we will do our best to deliver parcels to a
business’ forwarding address.