Businesses Engaging with Afghan Refugee Crisis

The federal government has announced that Canada will assist 40,000 Afghans in need of lifesaving resettlement, thousands of which will settle here in Burnaby and the Lower Mainland.

The business community has an important role in making this resettlement effort successful, which can include making donations to the resettlement efforts, assisting with private sponsorship groups of refugees, or by providing employment opportunities for arriving refugees, who will have the ability to work in Canada.

To help businesses understand how they can assist, the Burnaby Board of Trade hosted a special information session with MOSAIC this month to review the current situation, how Afghan refugees will arrive in Canada, and how the Burnaby business community can help.

To watch the recording of this session you can click here, or see the embedded video below.

To learn more about MOSAIC’s resettlement efforts, click here.

To donate to support MOSAIC and the resettlement of Afghan refugees, click here. 

To contact MOSAIC for more information on supporting these efforts, including by providing employment opportunities for refugees, click here.